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Web Design
Visual Identity
Web Development
Visual Identity
  • New Website Design
  • Existing Website Redesign
  • Logo, Banners, Cards, Memos ...
Web Development
  • Wordpress*
  • Laravel/CodeIgniter
  • Custom App
  • SEO
  • Speed Optimization
**huge experience for the Wordpress custom developing

We’ve been working with:

behind the scene
testimonials behind the scene
  • I was impressed by Muhamed skills and professionalism. His way of working is very accurate and his graphic style is very nice. Also, communication with him is very easy and fast and he’s a very helpful guy.

    Jacopo Compostella Di Sanguinetto / founder Sprit / Milano / Italy

  • Thank you so much, you really have a beautiful view of Sarajevo, and I’m just happy that you became a resident in Sarajevo, Sarajevo needs more people like you are.

    Nedim Selimović / founder CITY CAR RENTAL / Sarajevo

  • Muhamed was an extremely talented artist and web developer. I used his services several times to create custom templates and CSS files. Every time his work has exceeded my expectations, of course I will still use the services of study ArtLogika

    Daniel Anton / founder GameFriends.com / Columbus, Georgia / USA

  • Over the years, Muhamed greatly helped me with some of my projects when such help was of critical importance. Whether you need a new logo design, web site or anything else really front-end related, he is the best person to talk with. Some of his designs look great and are not outdated several years later.

    Mario Vodopivec / Toronto, Ontario / Canada

  • Many times we used a studio ArtLogika and we are very happy! Good communication and timely delivery. Often, they make the extra things that were not included in the project specifications. Thank you!

    Lav Crnobrnja / Managing Director / Cloud Horizon Technologies Inc. / Toronto, Ontario / Canada

  • FANTASTIC!! Exceeded my expectations in quality, professionalism, and timeliness. A 3 day turn around was quoted (I requested a week) and the first review was delivered within 24 hours! The 3 day turn around included 2 rounds of revisions!! The code was clean, easy to understand, and works like a dream.

    Kate O’Hara / Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area/ USA

muhamed zecirovic

Muhamed Zecirovic. Master of Mathematics. Web Developer. Over 20 years of experience in developing PHP pages. An application development expert at the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress. Parent. A fan of Irish setters. Ex musician. Born in Belgrade, lives and works in Sarajevo.

  • planning, design and coding

    Web Design

    Planning. In this initial step, the material that you have prepared (text, photos, diagrams, charts, video and audio material) shall be submitted to us. We will be in relation to your material, company profile and your suggestions to make an algorithm how the pages should look.

    Design. Once we agree with idea of developing you will be presented as 3 examples with the appearance of the home page of the future site. You as a client to choose one or a combination of examples and return some suggestions to our team of designers.

    Coding. Converting all pages to the clean, tableless perfect, hand coded, HTML/CSS code. ArtLogika guarantee that all sites that are made to be maximally optimized HTML / CSS code. All our sites are hand coded and pass strict tests W3C validation for HTML and CSS code.

  • redesign web page

    Web ReDesign

    Why should change acctual design? Whether it comes to SEO a bad position, unfashionable design or migrate to another CMS system redesign is a painful process, which must be carefully done.

    Although the algorithm is similar as in the design, here we have to take care of encoding the site, especially if you have a good SEO position, and only wants better design.

    • Better graphic look
    • Better SEO position
    • Integrating into CMS
  • full responsive design

    Responsive Design

    ArtLogika in accordance with its policy of tracking the most modern world trends, is included in its range of products and responsive design.

    Responsive design web page design, which recognizes the resolution and type of computer or mobile device and depending on the type of the same content is changed so that it fits perfectly!

    We guarantee that the website if the client wants to be responsive design visible on absolutely all devices is that deskotp and laptop computers and mobile phones and tablets.

    Would you like to have the same attitude toward all visitors? Want to keep your visitors? Want to have your site fits perfectly into any computer? Responsive design is the only solution for your web site.

  • wordpress custom site


    WordPress is a CMS system created in 2003. Today it has become the most common CMS system that allows users to non-programmers content management presentations.

    With several thousands of plugins, any site and any dynamic content can be integrated into WordPress. Of course for it (programming WordPress) need extensive knowledge in the related fields of web design and programming such as HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, etc.

    Advantages of WordPress for the end user are:

    • excellent SEO Position
    • easier redesign in the future
    • extremely easy to add content

    Artlogika at the professional level of service offers integration of existing and creation of new sites into the CMS system.

  • php mysql

    Php & MySQL

    PHP is a server-side scripting language that was originally designed to create dynamic web pages. This means that the PHP coding not see the end user but the entire programmed to translate part of the server and client are displayed in the browser as plain HTML document (admittedly with a PHP extension).

    Advantages of the PHP language are very large and its full force experienced in conjunction with MySQL databases.

    Every major and serious web site sooner or later must become a dynamic portal, shop, forum, real estate etc. PHP is the most practical language for the dynamic expansion.

    Artlogika has long experience in developing PHP applications.